Wednesday, 13 April 2016


Today I'll be reviewing Stila's eyes are the window palette in sprit, I have also reviewed their palette in Soul which I will post soon! The palette mainly has shimmery shadows but there are around 4 matte shades. It comes in blue packaging, if your looking for it in the shops check the top to find what shade the palette is as they are packaged exactly the same. The lid is rose gold and the back has the shade names which I prefer to them being on a plastic sheet. It comes with a plastic sheet saying "Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art", which is a quote by Leonardo de Vinci. The palette has twelve eyeshadows including a mixture of neutrals, blues and browns. I have created a look with this palette which Im going to post on the 17th (Sunday). I really like the quality and pigmentation of the shadows and I really recommend this palette, on the 24th I will be reviewing their eyes are the window palette in soul and then doing a look using that so you can chose which one you want. This palette costs £30. In the UK you can get it online here it is also sold at some M&S stores and some Boots.

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