Wednesday, 20 July 2016


Today I'll be reviewing I heart makeup blushing hearts triple baked blusher. I have wanted to try some of I heart makeups products for a while, as I really like Makeup Revolution's products and I believe they are made by the same people. I have really wanted to try their boxed powders and chocolate bar palette (both Two Faced dupes) for a while but they never have them in stock. I heart makeup has quite a few boxed powders but I chose this one because I thought It had a few rose gold shades which I think suit me best. The blusher is not matte which I didn't think I would like but I think its quite pretty, especially for the summer, Also I find I don't need to use highlighter if I don't want to because the blusher gives the same effect. I find the blushers last for the majority of the day but Its difficult to tell because my cheeks go naturally red throughout the day!
The product is split into three sections. The smallest segment is a bright pink, with blue undertones, I personally don't like this shade as much as the others because it is so bright, but I find when I mix the three shades together it creates a really pretty colour on my cheeks. The second colour is a lot more peachy, It is quite similar to the last shade but lighter. I often just mix these two shades and apply it to my cheeks with a stippling brush, as it doesn't apply much product.  
Here are the swatches;  The top one is a mix of all three, and the shade next to it is the brightest pink,
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