Sunday, 27 March 2016


For Christmas I received a £30 amazon gift card and originally I was going to buy loads of American drugstore makeup (milani, physicians formula etc.) but I was in need of new brushes because I barely had any and brushes are so expensive so I thought it was better to spend my money on brushes as I already have loads of makeup. On amazon there are so many unheard of brands with the exact same brushes so it was hard to choose which ones I wanted to buy. These particular brushes were down from £99.90 to just £24.95!!! To be honest when I ordered them I wasn't expecting them to be that great as they are so cheap considering your getting ten brushes. I believe this set of brushes is a dupe for the Sigma Kabuki Brush set which is triple the price and that's just for the face set. Lamora brushes have synthetic bristles and are made with a solid wood handle and a copper ferrule. Now I'll go in and describe all the brushes and tell you what I think of them .
Firstly I have the Flat Angled Kabuki brush. I like this one for applying concealer under my eye or applying cream contour. I will also use this if I want to apply loose powder underneath my eye to 'bake'. 
Next I have the Flat Kabuki brush. I like this one to apply liquid foundations to my face. 
Next I have the Angled Kabuki brush. I love this one to apply my blush but you could also apply bronzer or highlighter with this.
Next I have the Round Kabuki brush. I like this one to apply my bare minerals powder foundation. 
Lastly for my face brushes I have the Tapered Kabuki Brush. I rarely use this because I find it removes any product underneath.
Now onto my eye brushes. Firstly I have the Precision Angled brush. I like this to pack eyeshadow onto my lid.
Next I have the Precision Round brush. I like this to apply eyeshadow to my outer corner. It is too dense to blend eyeshadow into the crease but it is good to pack the colour on. 
Next I have the precision tapered brush. I like this to apply my inner corner highlight and brow bone highlight.
Lastly I have the Precision Flat and Precision Flat angled brush. I rarely use these two but they would be good to apply a small amount of colour onto the lid.

Thankyou for reading, hope you found it interesting. 

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