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When I was younger and didn't wear much makeup, I would watch all these youtubers hype over different highlighters and I used to never like the look of them because I thought they just made you look oily. However, now I realise how much of a difference they do make, highlighters make you look more glowing and help to lift your face as sometimes I think having your makeup completely matte can make you look a bit flat. In this post I will be going through my favourite highlighters and go through why I like each of them. This ended up being quite a long post, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.
Firstly, I have the Urban Decay Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder in the Shade Luminous, Luminous has a white undertone, which is better for people with lighter skin tones whereas Aura has a gold undertone, which would be better for people with darker skin tones. When you wear this it is very obvious as it has a lot of glitter in it, so I find this is only nice on the cheeks, when I wear this on other areas of the face It can look too obvious unless that's the look you're aiming for. Also, It has a small brush in the bottom which is perfect for travelling. I am in love with the packaging, however it is quite bulky. It costs £22.50 which isn't too bad for a high end product. I also really like this in my inner corner and dusted over my eyelid.

Next I have my Freedom Pro Blush Palette in the shade Bronze Baked, this is such a good product. It is the cheapest of my highlighters and this is a whole palette which includes highlighters, blushers and bronzers. Bronze Baked has a wider range of colours whereas Peach baked mainly consists of Peachy blushers. There is only one matte product in this palette all the rest are shimmery and can be considered highlighters. My favourite shade for highlighting is the white toned highlighter in the top left corner of the palette. Below that are the two shades that I would consider blushers. These are both shimmery so these can be used by themselves instead of a blusher and highlighter for an all over glow or you can use a seperate highlighter. The rest of the shades are what I consider bronzers but these would be perfect highlighters for people with darker skin tones. The shade in the middle of the right side of the palette is a beautiful eyeshadow for all over the lid. 

Next I have my current favourite highlighter, This is the Becca Shimmering skin perfector in Champagne Pop. Im sure pretty much everyone has heard of this, because it's such a beautiful highlighter and it was made with Jaclyn Hill. I love this highlighter mainly because it gives a sheen instead of just adding glitter, which makes it perfect for on the high points of your face. Before this collaboration I had never heard of the brand Becca, probably because it is quite expensive and it's not sold in anywhere other than Space.nk or online. There are 6 shades of the Shimmering skin perfector's excluding Champagne Pop, which are all equally as pretty but being £32 I couldn't purchase more than one. I loved this highlighter the moment it came out but I couldn't bring myself to spend £32 on a highlighter but I told myself if I did well in my exams I would treat myself. Champagne Pop has a gold undertone, I think it would be too dark for very light skin tones, I would advise Moonstone or Pearl. At first I wasn't a fan of the packaging but now I've got it I really like it, mainly because it looks and feels like it won't break. 

Next I have my Stila eyeshadow in kitten. Just by reading the name of the product you can tell that it's not meant for the face but I think this is a gorgeous pink toned highlighter. These eye shadows are £12 and can be found in M&S or online, which I think is very affordable for a high end product. It is a perfect mix of glitter and a glow. As you can see in these pictures it has a lot of drop out so you can't always get it to go in a precise place as it often falls down onto somewhere you don't necessarily want it.

Next is the Soap & Glory Glow all out powder this is my most subtle highlighter,it doesn't have much glitter and is fairly matte. This is the perfect highlighter for people who are new to highlighting because it's difficult to go over the top and add to much. It has a pink undertone and is £11 from boots. I never hear anybody talk about this on youtube, I don't know why because I think it is a very beautiful product. Excuse the picture I dropped it a few months ago and it severely broke. I used to use this everyday before I got many different highlighters which I rotate between, However, it used to annoy me whenever I touched the powder with my brush so much product came off and I felt like I was wasting so much of it. I think it is so hard to find highlighters on the highstreet there is barely any, but I do really like this one

 Next, I have my No7 Perfectley Bronzed dual Bronzer, again sorry for the picture I dropped it just before taking this picture which is so annoying! Anyway I think No7 products are so underrated, I have found so many amazing products from them but you never hear anyone talk about them. The highlighter has a very strong gold undertone, you can swirl together both shades for an all over bronzed glow or use the shades in different areas, which is what I like to do. I think this highlighter is especially good for darker skin tones because it is so dark. I wouldn't say No7 is high end but the products aren't the cheapest available. This product is sold for £12 in boots which is not too bad. 

Lastly, I have the No7 instant radiance cream highlighter , this is currently the only cream highlight I have and I love it. I found this while looking for dupes for the Benefit Watts up highlighter that everybody on youtube hypes over. Since getting this I found it's a great dupe for the clinique cream highlight stick and the Rosie by Autograph cream highlight stick. This highlight has a white undertone with only small pieces of glitter in it which you can't really see on the face. I like to use this after applying my foundation, before I powder my face. I use this when I want my highlight to really pop because it makes all highlighters seem so much bolder. I like to put it on my fingertip then on to my face because if I drag it on my face straight from the stick it can remove the product underneath . This is £9.95 which I think is great as it looks pretty with everything. I have seen that Soap & Glory have recently released a cream highlight stick which is £8 so that might be worth looking at, Gabby (Velvetgh0st) says it's a great dupe for the Nars cocobana highlight. On the left is when it is blended and on the right It is right from the stick, so you can build it up to be that bold and not blend it out so much.

Sorry this post was so long, but I just get carried away when writing about makeup... Anyway thankyou for reading I hope it wasn't too boring.

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