Wednesday, 23 March 2016


I saw this look on Anastasia Beverly Hills instagram account (here) and I thought it was so pretty, I wanted to try and recreate it but I didn't have any teal greens in my collection. But I recently got the Bare Minerals Mix Master ready 12 piece eyeshadow palette which has a matte teal eyeshadow in it so I attempted to recreate that look straight away!
  Firstly, I did my eyebrows using the Freedom Brow Pomade and primed my eyes using concealer. The BareMinerals palette didn't have a warm orange shade so I used a bronzer in the crease to help me blend the shadow's I was going to apply next. 
I then went on and packed on the shade Max volume onto the lid. 
To blend the teal shade with the warm orange I used the shade Panorama, but you could use any matte black. I used a small blending brush to do this using windscreen wiper motions to blend the shade into the socket of my eye.
I added a mix of the shade Muse and Custom made to my inner corner and brow bone to lift my brow and open up my eye as I'm about to add eye liner to my waterline which will make my eyes appear smaller.
 I now add kohl eyeliner to my waterline and draw a thin wing close to my lash line. I also bring the shade Panorama underneath my eye.
To finish the look I apply mascara to my top and bottom eyelashes, you could leave the look like this but I went on to add individual lashes.
And that's the finished look I hope you enjoyed this extra post. I will hopefully be posting more because I have two weeks off school where I will be writing loads of posts.

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