Wednesday, 4 May 2016


I didn't know whether to post this or not as its a bit different to my normal beauty posts and it might be a bit self explanatory. I think polaroids are so cute, however the camera and film is so expensive, especially when polaroids are not that hard to make. I know this is a bit different from my normal posts but I wanted to share this as I think its such a good, affordable gift idea. I currently have quite a few pegged on to a piece of string in my room and I think it looks really pretty, I also gave some to my friend for Christmas and she seemed to love them!
I have created a template for you to use (here) and all you need to do is attach the pictures you wish to use. You could include pictures of anything you want. I have pictures from my holiday last year and pictures with my friends and family.

1.Once you have downloaded the document go to insert - image...

2.Then select the images you want and drag them onto the polaroid template and alter them to fit the sizing.

3.Then click on the printer button. For the best result, use photo paper when printing. I would choose A4 sized photo paper, unfortunately I only have small sheets but that's fine as it still works perfectly.
4. Once printed, cut around the outline and you have your finished polaroids. You can now use them however you want. Hope this was interesting, Thankyou for reading xx

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  1. This is such a cool idea and I love that it doesn't seem difficult either. I love polaroids as well, I think there's something so old-fashioned feeling and special about them.