Monday, 30 May 2016


Today I'll be showing you what I'm putting on my face most days. I won't be going through everything, as there is so much, but I will link it all below if it is not mentioned.

Firstly I have the Barry M Brow Kit, I only got this recently but I really like it. It comes with a dark brown cool shadow, a white and a brow gel. I don't really use the gel because I like my Maybelline brow gel, which I now realise I forgot to include in the pictures,  but I do use the brown shadow everyday. Although It isn't really needed because every brown eye shadow would work. I like my Freedom brow pomade when I want a really strong brow but I like this for a more natural look. It also comes with tweezers and a double sided brow brush. I don't like the tweezers, they are too stiff and I find are basically impossible to use.

Next I have Tanya Burr's Hollywood eyes palette, I don't use this everyday because I like to change up my eyeshadow look. If I'm not using this then I'll probably be using kitten by Stila. But I really do like this palette it contains 4 shades, three are mainly matte and enchantment consists of mainly glitter. The palette is warm based and I think it suits everybody. I find the eyeshadows are quite powdery but they don't fall out onto your face, It only means you use up more product.

Lastly I have the Kiko white eyeliner which I really like because it stays on all day and it's so affordable! I like to put this in my waterline as it really opens my eyes. Kiko also do a nude eyeliner like this which has the same effect but is a bit more subtle.
Here are all the products I use on my face:

 Sorry this post is up late, I can't get my internet to work, I still can't now  so once I fix it I'll put in all the links to the products I use! Thank you for reading Xx

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