Sunday, 15 May 2016


 Today I will going through my favourite affordable foundations. I feel like foundations are such a personal thing, a product could be very popular and then you buy it and it doesn't work with your skin. Some people are lucky enough for their skin to not react with any foundations, but others, the majority, go through so many foundations just to find one perfect for them.
Rimmel Match Perfection I only got this recently, but I have quickly become in love with it. It gives a medium coverage, but it is buildable. The foundation claims to blend with natural skin tone, rather than masking it. It also claims to reduce the size of pores, which I definitely agree with. I always apply the Nivea Post Shave Balm as a primer, which doesn't reduce pore size, which other primers often do, so I know it is the foundations formula. It comes in 12 different shades, ranging from light to dark, so hopefully there is a shade for all skin tones. I am in shade 103 true ivory, which is one of the lightest shade and I am fairly pale.
Loreal Paris Infallible Matte For about three months this was the foundation I had on everyday. It is the best affordable foundation I have found to actually stay on all day while staying matte, However, there are only 6 shades, which is fine for most, but for darker skin tones there is no appropriate shade. I have to mix the shade Ivory and Sand to get my skin tone. I have found it to be a bit cakey on the skin, But it is the only foundation that stays on my skin all day so this doesn't really bother me too much.
Bourjois Healthy Mix I really like this foundation, It claims to last 16 hours which I haven't tested but It definitely lasts for a long time. It is meant to give a healthy glow to the skin without appearing oily, which I also agree with. Again there isn't a large shade range, so it's not great for darker skin tones. I like this foundation because It gives medium coverage but looks invisible on the skin. I am in the shade Light Vanilla, which suits me perfectly.
Loreal True Match I only got this recently and I think it's perfect for people who like a dewy finish for their foundation. Personally I found by the end of the day I looked too shiny and I needed to keep applying powder. However, I know many people like a dewy finish so I thought I would include this in my favourite affordable foundations. Also it comes in 23 shades so is perfect for all skin tones and looks almost invisible on the skin!
From the far left; Loreal Paris Infallible Matte, Borjois Healthy Mix, Loreal True match, Rimmel Match Perfection   
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Thankyou for reading, hope you found this helpful, I'm sorry for not posting on Wednesday but hopefully I will this week.


  1. i want to try the health mix!!

    jess x |

    1. You definitely should, I've heard so many great reviews, and it says it is good for all skin types!