Sunday, 22 May 2016


Today, Ill be showing you how to recreate this look. I really wanted to create a look using purple eyeshadow, so this is what I came up with! Again, I'm sorry for not posting on Wednesday, I just have a lot to do for school. I think I'm going to have to schedule posts for the next 6-7 weeks because I'll be very busy. However, after that I should be back to posting two times a week, hopefully even more. Im planning on doing what's in my makeup bag, as I have been doing the same look basically everyday. Also, I want to do some more wearable eye looks!
After applying primer and filling in my brows I applied the second shade from the Clinique All About Shadow Quads in 'Going Steady' into the crease of my eye and the outer third of my lid.
I then applied the shade 'glow' from Makeup Revolutions Smokey Palette . I used my finger to do this, too get the best pigmentation out of the eyeshadow.
I then applied the darkest eyeshadow from the Clinique quad, on the outer third of my eye and brought the second shade in Clinique's quad under my eye. I also applied BECCA champagne pop in my inner corner, to open my eyes up.
Lastly, I cleaned up the edge of my eyeshadow, and applied eyeliner, mascara and individual lashes
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